Pelican offers Travel Agent Reservation System to enhance efficiency in keeping hotel contracting room and allotment updated in real-time manner. Travel agent hotel suppliers will have access to the travel agent extranet system to load room rates and allotments, instead of keeping rate and allotment contract manually.

How Travel Agent Reservation System works


Hotel Supplier Extranet System
To provide an extranet system for hotel suppliers whose primary purpose is for hotels to have ability to update with their LATEST room rates and allotments. The travel agent does not need to manually maintain all contracted rates and inventory, as the latest update is available in the system and can be viewed by any designated reservation staff, at any time, in a real-time manner (online). Thus, reservation inquiries can be responded promptly, all of this resulting from COST EFFECTIVENESS, while driving up RESERVATION volumes!
Markups / Commission Setups
All markups and commissions can be easily set up in the system. This goes far toward ensuring a reliable selling price to reservation staff, without any hassles of reconfirming contracted markups / commissions.
Instant Confirmation - Immediately "Close the Deal"
The system will generate instant confirmation for reservations, modifications and cancellations, and this is automatically sent to customer’s email, hotels and travel agents. Instant confirmation enable travel agent to immediately “close the deal” or reducing the risk of guest’s shops around with faster services besides reducing expenses on fax or phone calls confirmation of all reservation activities.
Empower Your Website
Empower the travel agency website, as a virtual office, to capture reservation enquiries. Website visitors will have access to rate and availability information within seconds, and are thus encouraged to make a reservation.

An E-mail Assignment Feature Monitors System Activity.
In the interest of better system maintenance monitoring and security, Pelican Reservation System can automatically send email confirmation for changes made, as indicated below. Any unauthorized changes can be followed up, before any unfavorable situation is allowed to develop.

  • Informs responsible parties of a new room rate assigned / modified.
  • Informs responsible parties of a new room inventory assigned / modified.
  • Informs responsible parties of a new reservation.
  • Informs responsible parties of a reservation amendment.
  • Informs responsible parties of a reservation cancellation.
    Enable Assignment of Designated Users to Access Specified Features, based on User Authority - for Stronger Security
    For security reasons, information accessibility is restricted, according to job tasks and responsibilities. User access to particular information in the system can be programmed.
    Email Distribution - Keep in Touch with your Guests, and Maintain Brand Loyalty
    Communicate directly, maintain loyalty and encourage repeat stays through this email distribution feature. Each customized email delivered communicates the latest updates on promotions and special offers, greeting cards, or any other message that travel agency might wish to transmit.


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