Pelican System powers-up TTG Travel Club in Online Hotel Reservation System

Jan 12, 2006
With Pelican Online Reservation System, the launch of ONLINE-Reservation TTG Travel Club in April 2006 is set to improve the club’s appeal, effectiveness and value of investment for both its members and participating partners (suppliers of travel products and services).

The online format of TTG Travel Club’s reservation system is designed to enhance the efficiency of the reservations and contracting processes. Hotels exploiting this feature will be able to access a well-engineered system to manage reservations, including rate and allotment management. Further, TTG privileged members will be able to make reservations directly to hotels worldwide at an industrial rate.

Firstly, benefits of the Online Reservation System, information on travel deals & rates are made available in real-time, 24/7, throughout the entire year. Members then make their bookings/reservations directly online with the participating partners, and receive instant confirmation.

With the online system, participating hotel partners now have full control over their offered rates & allotments to members, as the system allows them to upload or change them online at anytime in response to seasonality and market conditions. Individual web pages allow participating hotel partners to showcase their offered products & services and provide members with comprehensive information.

The system also enables participating hotel partners to track their performance in effectively targeting members – providing them with essential data beneficial for operations and forecasting management. A variety of marketing opportunities are also available for those who wish to create that additional awareness to members.

The confidence of both hotel members and participating partners are assured with the system’s easy to use interface and hassle-free environment, with personalized access codes that ensures maximum security for all online transactions.

Mr Darren Ng, Managing Director of TTG Asia Media: “…the club provides travel suppliers with a brilliant platform to innovatively reach out to the crucial trade members who matter to their business, convincing them through first hand experience, what their product and services have to offer. With the solid expertise of Pelican System to take TTG Travel Club’s reservation system online, I am confident that the new format of the club provides further benefits and enhances its already winning concept.”

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Membership and participation fee for members and travel suppliers respectively, are on an annual basis, kindly go to: For more information, visit the TTG Asia Media booth P18 this ATF 2006 or contact

About TTG

First launched in 1995, TTG Travel Club is dedicated to providing its club members with enticing deals at unbeatable rates not obtainable anywhere else.

Membership is limited only to travel trade professionals, specifically those from travel agencies, airlines, National Tourist Offices (NTOs) and selected travel media. Staffs holding any position in these niche travel trade sectors are eligible. Thanks to TTG Travel Club’s membership exclusivity, the club represents a true privilege that recognizes and rewards its members for simply being part of the exciting and dynamic travel industry.

Travel suppliers are quick to realize the effectiveness of leveraging on TTG Travel Club to help them boost their relationship & confidence with the trade. By providing fantastic travel deals to club members at lower-than-the-best wholesale rates, these travel suppliers are providing the trade with an irresistibly affordable opportunity to experience firsthand, the products & services they have to offer.

Both parties gain from this arrangement. On one hand, travel suppliers are presented with an innovative, yet cost effective marketing platform of reaching out to the trade. Each booking made by a TTG Travel Club member is like a FAM trip that educates them on the supplier’s product and services. These members then take their experience back with them to the workplace and pass on credible references & recommendations to the end-consumers that they sell these products and services to. For the members, their gain is clear and simple: travel deals at the lowest possible rates, all of which they can utilize even for their own leisure holidays!